Anonymous Q&A

11/3/22: Resources on Gender Identity?


I want to study about the western concept of gender identity and different types of gender identities along with Islamic perspective about gender but inspite of lot of content about this on internet I fail to find anything substantial regarding this gender philosophy from any Islamic scholar can you please suggest such resource material ,content websites scholars from where I can get more authentic info about this of course other than your website I want to understand this for my research thesis.


Yes there is very little academic information on the topic, mainly because it is a given that there are two genders and this is how mankind has been created. Just like the fact there is a sky, we do not need to prove that. Please contact us at and we can share more resources than what is on our resource center here.

3/29/22: Is Being Gay Haram?

Yes, Allah (swt) created mankind to develop healthy intimate relations with members of the opposite gender under the umbrella of marriage, read this paper to understand why it is haram, or watch the video by Amu Ayman here.