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Rajab 25th 1443 ~ February 26th, 2022, Islamic Psychology Lecture Series

Islamic psychology lecture series is a program organized in collaboration with Alkaram Institute. It is designed for a broad audience including students, professionals, or scholars from any field or background. Anyone interested in the field of Islamic psychology is welcomed. Authors and scholars from Alkaram institute will discuss several topics within their expertise in Islamic Psychology. These topics are picked to address the field of Islamic Psychology from a its inception to contemporary periods. Topics include; Islamic psychology in the 21 century, Islamic Psychology and Mental Health, Islamic Medicine, Healing and Wellness, Selfhood, and Human Flourishing and Psychological Sciences in the Islamic Heritage.

  • When: Saturday, February 26th - Sunday, February 27th 2022

  • Where: Islamic Dawah Center, Houston and Zoom Online

  • RSVP here

Rajab 17th 1443 ~ February 18th, 2022, INK Holds Principles on interacting with the LGBT Community

An interactive lecture and Q&A discussing the life of Prophet Lut (peace be upon him).

Topics to be included in the talk are the problem of LGBT and the Prophetic approach towards queer attitude

  • When: Friday, February 18th 2022 | 7:30pm (After Isha Salah)

  • Where: INK Foundation

  • 10194 Baltimore National Pike, Ste 4, Ellicott City, MD, 21042

Presenter: Maulana Shakeelur Rahman, (Imam, Islamic Center of Burlington - MA). Learn more here.

Rajab 10th 1443 ~ February 11th, 2022, ILIA Holds Gender Relations Discussion for Teens at Dar Al-Taqwa

The middle and high school years are crucial in forms one's character and personality. Join us for an interactive discussion on the Islamic perspective on gender relations. Program includes critical thinking activities, short talks, kahoot, opportunities to ask anonymous questions and access to credible community resources. Learn more here.