The LGBT lobby has been promoting values inconsistent with the human fitra for the past several decades. It is time now that we offer the young generation who is being bombarded with confusing messages the true understanding of homosexuality & identity.


The Gender Identity Resource Center (GIRC) is a project of Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA), a 501c(3) youth development and leadership training non-profit. GIRC provides youth and their providers with legitimate, authentic resources addresses key topics related to gender relations and identity, in particular the following topics:

  • A believer's relationship with Allah (swt)

  • Key rights, obligations and qualities of a believer (modesty, respect, sincerity, taqwa)

  • Gender roles, rights and obligations

  • Gender relations

  • Marriage

  • Intimacy


ILIA invites experts and scholars of knowledge in the areas of focus and interest of the resource center to contribute scholarly work of benefit to the Muslim community in America, in particular youth between the ages of 10 and 28. Interested parties can complete an online proposal here.

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ILIA encourages community members to volunteer at GIRC. Several areas of need are the following:

  • Technical research

  • Advisory committee (parents, teachers, youth)

  • Organizing and moderating events

  • Website editing and updates

  • Outreach

Individuals interested in volunteering are invited to complete an online form here.